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. Welcome to the Hopkinsville Band of Tigers website. The main purpse of this website is to introduce you to the Band of Tigers as best as I can. There is the main information, such as scores to contests, honor students, list of members, and news on the band. Then there are other places in this website that introduce individuals, such as the band and the band journal. I hope you like what is here, and I hope you enjoy getting to know the Band of Tigers.

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. I updated Amanda Dunns journal. That's all for now. A few more will be updated later.

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. B.O.A. camp is coming up soon for those selected people to go! After that, night practices will start. If you are in town, you are required to be there.

. Congratulations to the drumline on a wonderful season. I don't think there is a better way to end the season than walking out of championships breaking 90. Thank you to all the parents that supported us along the way. It was a great season and you did an excellent job at championships. Thank you Mr. Knob for writing a kick butt show and believng in us. Also, thank you Mr. Mann for coming in and working with us. You rock dude :)

. Congratulations to the guard on an excellent season. This year was so much better than last year, and you've really come a long way. Everyone is very proud of you. Thank you for working so hard. Can't wait until next year.


. Band fees are due the first day of camp. Don't forget! You will also need your med form the first day of camp, notorized, completely filled out, and signed.

. Section leaders - start thinking about how you're going to handle your section next year. We're going to have to work our butts off if we want to accomplish anything. We will get what we deserve this season. Remember that the first day of band camp decides how good we are this season. Get ready to work you guys. I'm ready to show everyone what we're made of and how we are. When people look back at this season, I want them to remember the band of tigers.